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Uno, Spanish for one?

Uno is Spanish for one. Or at least I am pretty sure that it is. I don’t know a whole lot of the Spanish language but I have picked a little of it up from hanging out in Mexican restaurants, occasionally (accidentally?) watching Dora the Explorer, and I remember a small amount (mostly curse words) from junior high introductory Spanish class (in which I received extremely mediocre grades). I learned that Uno was Spanish for one when I was a small child because of the card game UNO where one is required to say the word “uno” when they only have one card left in order to win. I am not entirely sure that the makers of the game UNO are still aware of the fact that uno and one are one in the same. Apparently UNO and The Highlander are not similar in any way shape or form.

How many times can a game named after the loneliest number (although I think zero is just slightly lonelier than one) be rehashed.There are more than 20 of these things (i.e. UNO Attack, UNO Stacko, UNO Spin, and UNO H2O) and it seems like they continue to add new even more ridiculous adaptations every couple of years or so. The newest one, UNO Roboto, involves a robot, A ROBOT. Dōmo arigatō Mattel.

If the robot revolution scares you as much as it scares me then this game may give you nightmares. You start by giving the robot your name (and I assume eventually your social security number, your bank account numbers, and the key to your safety deposit box). Apparently, aside from the robot, the game play is the same as the original. The only twist,according to the description on amazon, is as follows: “This unpredictable little robot will surprise you by calling out Random Rules and funny phrases that change the way you play” Unpredictable robot? Random Rules and funny phrases? Does the game end with my entire family hog tied and thrown in the closet while the robot rounds up all of my appliances and turns them against me and the rest of humanity?

As crazy as that seems, just wait until you see the next iteration of UNO! (it does still mean one, right?)

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